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Devil's got a brand new dance. by OdeliaToder

The frenzy in this work is very well done. I like the contrasting strokes, from sharp hard edged blade-like lines to the swirling masses of color. The blade forms envoke a feeling of danger, a storm that cuts. The concentration around the head seems to reflect an inner storm. I like how she appears to be wearing a mask that is consumed by and part of the frenzy. It makes me think of Venice, the elaborate masks they are known for, and how she is perhaps attempting to hide this storm and frenzy from the world or maybe even herself. The only alteration I would consider are her eyes. The one eye you see looks away. Another approach to consider would be to have her eye directed to the viewer, pulling them in, letting them see themselves as the person in the picture, and see themselves as enveloped by the storm or connected to the figure in a way which is difficult to detach from. A lot of emotive possibilities could be explored in the expression of the eye. By looking away currently she is distanced from the viewer, easing the tension when I think your intention was to enhance the tension. Overall a very emotive well done work.
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OdeliaToder Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013   Traditional Artist
Hi Bella,
I completely understand your opinion about the eye(s).
Eyes are one of the main things that are drawn by artists in order to express emotion. Get the watcher's attention and make the emotional connection to the character. However, in this one, that is inspired by a song that says "The devil's got a brand new dance, and it looks like you"- I felt that there is a distance between the poet and the woman he talks about, so painting her looking away seems like a reasonable choice.
In most of the portraits, the character is the main subject, but in this one, it is the poets feelings for her. The chaos around her takes the focus from her face, which to me is like she's important to him, but there are so many complications and mixed feeling between them. The only thing the reveals her beauty is her lips, that expresses the romantic relationship and attraction of the two.

I would love to know why you gave me 4 stars for originality and impact, and am curious about what you'd have to say about the next painting I'm working on. I have a feeling that it will mean more to you than this one :)

Thank you for your wonderful critique,
Bella-Kunst Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the thoughtful reply Odelia. I would be happy to view your next painting. At the time I wrote that critique I had only viewed that particular image and not any of your other work. I hope I gave you a good insight into how your work stands alone, beyond the influences which inspired you to create it. I think it is an inspiring work which makes me curious to hear the song that inspired it. As for the 4 stars, first of all I only gave star ratings because it was required. I tried submitting a critique without them, but alas. For originality I didn't rank a 5 because I thought the style seems similar to many other works I have seen. For impact I was thinking that the change in the eyes would increase the impact therefore it couldn't be a 5. But as you stated, you had good reason for making the choices you made which I had no idea of when first examining your piece. Also in general I don't like giving 100% on anything. I feel like there should always be room for improvment. If, particularly as artists, we don't constantly strive to improve, even when many or most think we are already perfectly wonderful, we will never reach our fullest potential. Da Vinci kept working on the Mono Lisa and it's said that he was never completely satisfied with it. I feel it is that lack of satisfaction, the search for ways to make things better, different, more, that made him and other artists the greats that they were. I hope knowing how I was thinking about things is helpful to you. That being said I have since looked over your site and I think you are very talented and creative. Let me know whatever work you would like me to see, and please look over mine. If anything strikes you please let me know and feel free to suggest any improvements you like.
Sandra (Bella-Kunst)
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